The benefits of eating Dark Chocolate

09 Sep

So I would like to start this blog with a fun fact:

Did you know that coco beans were used as currency among the Mayan and Aztec cultures? And who said Money does not grow on trees!

We have been working hard here at Mostly Chocolate this past week. We just got done packaging some party favors that we have been working on and the chocolate dipping is done, for now. This was dark chocolate week and I have got to say, I am surrounded by chocolates right now and I might just have to bite my way through it one chocolate at a time until I can finally get to the door but no complaints. In fact, I feel even better knowing that those chocolates I am eating are improving my vision and cognitive function as we speak! Here is an article by Josh Phillip explaining how it works:

Potent cacao flavanols from dark chocolate have proven effective in lowering the risk from heart disease and sudden heart attack in recent studies. Writing in the journal Physiology and Behavior, researchers demonstrate that antioxidants released by consumption of cocoa products can improve multiple aspects of eyesight and cognitive performance. Scientists from the University of Reading found that improvements in visual function were evident for two and a half hours after ingesting foods high in cocoa flavanols (CF) and certain cognitive brain functions were enhanced. Small amounts of unsweetened dark chocolate can aid visual acuity and boost memory performance.

Prior research studies have shown that the consumption of CF have improved markers of blood hemodynamics, increasing both central and peripheral blood flow. Increased blood flow is an important factor in cerebral health and function and is also essential to the heart and enhanced eyesight.

Pretty interesting stuff, right? so what do you think, should everyone add dark chocolate to there diet? if you think not, why?
it’s been great talking but now its time to enjoy the weekend. From everyone here at Mostly Chocolate we hope you all have a great weekend!
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bon appetit
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