In a Chocolate mood today?

22 Sep

Hello folks!!

Guess what??? We are one week away from recipe week!! stay tuned until next week to find out what our treat of the week will be. Today, I would like to talk a little bit about us as a company and as well as share some pictures of whats cooking in the kicthen today!

Our motto is very simple:

“Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated” – Yahl, J.

Mostly Chocolate is based in Houston, TX. Our goal is to not only make delicious all natural mouth watering chocolates and desserts, but to present them in away that high-end chocolate and desserts  should be presented. By that I mean a wide variety of eye opening custom imported boxes and ribbons so that every box can be as custom made and uniqe as the customer wants. Having trouble with the Mrs. lately? or thinking of getting a box of chocolates for that perfect someone? Well, we are a great option and we guarantee an amazing chocolate experience with each box.

We love showing our daily cooking pictures on twitter- mostlychocolat2– and facebook. If you’re a a foodie and haven’t checked us out yet I recommend, for your own good, that you do. The truth is, in order to fully understand what we do here at Mostly Chocolate, you need to come visit us. we have a call by appointment policy for the time being, we hope to have our store front up in the near future.

call us at anytime to make an appointment  🙂

Mostly Chocolate- 713-466-5826

I promised some pictures too, so enjoy!:

One of our beautiful imported boxes filled with assorted hand made chocolates.

Home made New York style cheesecake topped with berries and fruit glaze.

Have you ever heard of Mostly Chocolate or have had the pleasure of tasting our artisan chocolates? If so tell us about your favorite mostly chocolate experience, were you at a wedding?, a party?, friends place?, received a party favor? etc…  what did you think when you took that first bite!? Share your Mostly Chocolate experience with the world!

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