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Twitter in relation to pew research center’s study

The Pew research center did a study on Mainstream media and how they use Twitter. In this blog there are some facts that they have found in there study and my thoughts on them.

The study reports that 93% of news organizations add links to there own sites in there tweets but only 6% linked other news sources in there tweets. Only 1% of news organizations did not contain links in there tweets. This means that news organizations are less likely to use twitter as a reporting tool for information that was gathered from other sources. These organizations tend to tweet on subjects that they are known for reporting about basically using Twitter as a way to get followers on there websites and reading there articles. Similar statistics were found for individual reporters as well, they tend to stick to topics that are inside there news organizations that can be linked back to there organizations website. Health reporters were the only reporters that tend to use twitter as a reporting tool regardless of were they get there source.  I don’t agree with the methodology used in this study because it puts to much emphasis on big name organizations. These organizations are extremely competitive and in all honestly they do not want to retweet information from other news sources it makes them look unprepared and not as efficient. In order to keep there reputation these news outlets need to use twitter with the sole purpose of gaining a bigger fan base and linking people to there main websites so that they will e more inclined to use them as there news source on a daily basis. Regardless of the amount of retweets, hastags, or interactions these organizations have on Twitter, news is still being spread out efficiently on Twitter.

The bigger news organizations tend to have a lot more twitter feeds, for example the Washington post had 98, than smaller news organizations. Even though organizations like The Washington post have numerous twitter feeds this big organizations do not tend to retweet information, rarely use hashtags, with the exception of The Washington post, and they do not interact with there followers. I agree with this part of the study however, I don’t think that these news groups are using twitter incorrectly. News Organizations no matter how many feeds they have need to use Twitter as a way to market there brand, it is probably one of the best tools that these organizations have come by in a long time.

Individual reporters as well as big organizations rarely retweet information, use hashtags or interact with followers were minimal. A big flaw with the study of individual reporters is that the study used only the most popular individual reporters in there studies. These reporters are already well established and because of there reputation they don’t need to interact with there audience because people are going to follower them regardless. From personal experience through the use of Twitter I believe that  if the study would of included young up and coming reporters, as well as famous reporters, they would have found an increase in the percentage of interaction with the audience. In addition, the study only focuses on one week of reporting, I don’t think that is a long enough period of time to accurately asses the use of twitter from an individual reporter.

In all honestly I think that the guidelines and methodology used for this study did not serve its purpose. I do think that it accurately shows how Big news organizations use twitter and I don’t think that the way they are using it is hurting them, in fact, I think they are using Twitter in away that helps the individual organization grow in audience and reputation. The Study does not use a big enough sample size to efficiency explain how all of mainstream media uses Twitter. In addition, I think that the time frame should have been at least an extra week to a month longer in order to make in efficient assessment.

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Bourekas and a little taste of family history!

Hey folks,

Today I would like to veer away from the chocolates and talk about my Grandmother and our special recipe for  Lebanese Bourekas!

Here is a short history on why my mom, the creater of Mostly Chocolate, is so special. Rina grew up in a family of 6, 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and she is the youngest. Rinas mom, my grandmother, was the queen of cooking in our family. She taught her daughters everything, from boiling water to making every traditional Lebanese dish in existence. My grandmother past away about 8 years ago, she was 84 years old when she passed away but her legacy lives on through all of us. Everything we do, from Mostly Chocolate to our catering company, is in Honor of my Grandmother, a very special and wonderful person, I whish that she was still with us so she can see how much she impacted our lives.

My moms sister Chella came in to town a couple days ago and decided to make some of our traditional Lebanease style Bourekas, a recipe that has been brought down from the hands of my Grandmother. I took the time to take picture of her starting from cutting the dough all the way to the finish line, enjoy!!!

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Picture from our dessert filled weekend!

Hola amigos y amigas!

sooo we had a huge event this weekend at the Omni Hotel here in Houston tx and we would like to share the pictures of our dessert tables with everyone. remember anyone needing part time jobs or are interested in what we do give us call or shoot us an email. 713 446 5826,


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