To a NEW year….. need a job/internship in H-town?


Here is a little update: Oh boy what a long week it has been! We have been working so hard the we forget to sleep sometimes. As most of you know rosh hasahan was a couple weeks ago, which is the Jewish new years, unfortunately we dont spend all night drinking until 12 a.m. Instead its customary to have a big family dinner… we caterd about 3 of those this year…yes they were all on the same day and if it want for my cousins who came into to town to help i don’t know how we would of done it, thanks cousins!

fun fact of the day: Research has shown that allowing chocolate to melt in your mouth produced brain and heart rate activity that was simliar to – and even stronger than – that produced with passionate kissing.

We love chocolates here at Mostly Chocolate, and we know hoe many of you Love chocolate too. We want to put out only the finest most delicious chocolates in Houston, TX. I’m excited to announce that a Mostly Chocolate store front is in  the works right now, our goal is to have a place up within the next year!

If you are in Houston,Tx and would love to sample some of our fine chocolate, speak up let us know, send us an email, give us a call. In the chocolate business we love making someones day. email us at or call us at 713/446/5826.

We have a jam oacked season this year and we are looking for helpers! If you are interested in helping us (part-time) or If you are college student (culinary or communications fields) in need of a internship this is a great opportunity for you learn a lot and build up your resume,

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The New Facebook

Hey everyone,

I know that we promised a recipe for this week but the mostly chocolate company has been extremely bust lately which is good and bad. It is good because we are staying busy working hard and reaping the benefits, the downside: It has been time to keep up with our wonderful blog. We promise to be more consistent in the future because we love blogging about cool fun facts and awesome chocolate destinations in Houston. Unfortunately, we have not come up with recipe to share for this week due to this high level of work.

Today I would like to discuss something a little off topic. As everybody should be aware by now, Facebook has changed, once again… I would like to discuss these changes and give my opinion on it. One of the big additions is the Timeline feature. The Timeline feature allows, in a very efficient way,  friends/people to see a history of your Facebook activity as appose to just a couple weeks worth. Timeline also includes all of your apps and new ways of expressing who you are. In PC World’s words:

“Timelines don’t replace your Facebook profile, rather offer an alternative view of your activities in greater detail.  It is the ‘story of your life,’ and allows people to know more about than just a week’s worth of Facebook activity.”

The Timeline divides content based on high priority, and how long ago it happened. High priority generally means the most up to date news about yourself. Another cool tool with the Timeline is talked about by Alex Wilhelm, who is a Chicago-based writer.

the ability to view a Timeline with only a certain form of content, such as images, or location over time, to better understand a person. Timeline can also include information from individual applications, which Zuckerberg pointed out are wildly popular with its users.

With the emrgance of the timeline comes a new app call the opengraph:

This year, Facebook took the OpenGraph and changed it so that a user can connect to anything. The company highlighted that it is moving from nouns, to verbs. By that it meant that instead of saying that ‘Alex likes Metallica,’ it could be said that ‘Alex is listening to Metallica.’ And so forth.

The addition of the opengraph opens up the idea of sharing music, movies (hulu,netlfix) with your friends via facebook and helps to fill out your profile so people can know even more about you. for example, Facebook music, is a way for you and your friends to be able to listen and share songs together using free online services. After listening to a song it appears on the news feed where friends can click on the song, listen to it and comment or chat about it simultaneously. The same can be done with Hulu via tv shows and movies.

Another cool app I got the pleasure of reading about in Alex Whihlem’s article but have not gotten a chance to see or play with myself is the lifestyle app:

Lifestyle apps that track what a person eats, where they run, and so forth, will track what a user does. This will allow users to see what they have eaten over the past year, and also post certain pieces of that data to their Timeline. The taco fanatic would probably like to share on their Timeline that they went to their favorite Mexican restaurant some 45 times in a year, for example.

I personally do not have a problem with the new features added to Facebook. I definitely notice that privacy in social media is slowly diminishing and this is definitely evident in the new features added. In addition it is annoying having to relearn how to use Facebook every 6 months. Aside from those points, I feel that Facebook should be more detailed and intimate. In my mind, I see Facebook as a social resume. Just like employers want to find people with the right experience and attitude for the job, I think that people what to find friends or intimate relationships with the right/suited social crowd for them, and what better way to do that then to have a online social resume like Facebook.

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In a Chocolate mood today?

Hello folks!!

Guess what??? We are one week away from recipe week!! stay tuned until next week to find out what our treat of the week will be. Today, I would like to talk a little bit about us as a company and as well as share some pictures of whats cooking in the kicthen today!

Our motto is very simple:

“Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated” – Yahl, J.

Mostly Chocolate is based in Houston, TX. Our goal is to not only make delicious all natural mouth watering chocolates and desserts, but to present them in away that high-end chocolate and desserts  should be presented. By that I mean a wide variety of eye opening custom imported boxes and ribbons so that every box can be as custom made and uniqe as the customer wants. Having trouble with the Mrs. lately? or thinking of getting a box of chocolates for that perfect someone? Well, we are a great option and we guarantee an amazing chocolate experience with each box.

We love showing our daily cooking pictures on twitter- mostlychocolat2– and facebook. If you’re a a foodie and haven’t checked us out yet I recommend, for your own good, that you do. The truth is, in order to fully understand what we do here at Mostly Chocolate, you need to come visit us. we have a call by appointment policy for the time being, we hope to have our store front up in the near future.

call us at anytime to make an appointment  🙂

Mostly Chocolate- 713-466-5826

I promised some pictures too, so enjoy!:

One of our beautiful imported boxes filled with assorted hand made chocolates.

Home made New York style cheesecake topped with berries and fruit glaze.

Have you ever heard of Mostly Chocolate or have had the pleasure of tasting our artisan chocolates? If so tell us about your favorite mostly chocolate experience, were you at a wedding?, a party?, friends place?, received a party favor? etc…  what did you think when you took that first bite!? Share your Mostly Chocolate experience with the world!

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The benefits of eating Dark Chocolate

So I would like to start this blog with a fun fact:

Did you know that coco beans were used as currency among the Mayan and Aztec cultures? And who said Money does not grow on trees!

We have been working hard here at Mostly Chocolate this past week. We just got done packaging some party favors that we have been working on and the chocolate dipping is done, for now. This was dark chocolate week and I have got to say, I am surrounded by chocolates right now and I might just have to bite my way through it one chocolate at a time until I can finally get to the door but no complaints. In fact, I feel even better knowing that those chocolates I am eating are improving my vision and cognitive function as we speak! Here is an article by Josh Phillip explaining how it works:

Potent cacao flavanols from dark chocolate have proven effective in lowering the risk from heart disease and sudden heart attack in recent studies. Writing in the journal Physiology and Behavior, researchers demonstrate that antioxidants released by consumption of cocoa products can improve multiple aspects of eyesight and cognitive performance. Scientists from the University of Reading found that improvements in visual function were evident for two and a half hours after ingesting foods high in cocoa flavanols (CF) and certain cognitive brain functions were enhanced. Small amounts of unsweetened dark chocolate can aid visual acuity and boost memory performance.

Prior research studies have shown that the consumption of CF have improved markers of blood hemodynamics, increasing both central and peripheral blood flow. Increased blood flow is an important factor in cerebral health and function and is also essential to the heart and enhanced eyesight.

Pretty interesting stuff, right? so what do you think, should everyone add dark chocolate to there diet? if you think not, why?
it’s been great talking but now its time to enjoy the weekend. From everyone here at Mostly Chocolate we hope you all have a great weekend!
Do not forget to follow us on twitter to see our weekly cooking/baking pictures!
bon appetit
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Welcome to Mostly Chocolate’s NEW blog!

Hey everybody, my name is Dany and I would like to introduce you all to Mostly Chocolate’s official blog!

Mostly Chocolate is a Houston based, high-end, Chocolate company. I am the son of the chocolatier/owner of Mostly Chocolate, Rina Kamkhagi. Rina is a chef that grew up in a family of chefs in Montreal Canada. After moving to Houston, TX and living here for 25 years, she decided to start her own Chocolate company. Rina decided to focus on sweets because of her passion for chocolate and desserts.

Our goal is to share with you guys photos and videos of us creating our delicious custom made chocolates and desserts.

In addition, every two weeks we will have a  “dessert of my dreams” these are desserts that Rina used to dream of making but did not know how and over time she has learned to master them. I will discuss the “dessert of my dreams” and post the recipe for it.

Aside from our business we would like to share interesting and wonderful articles, quotes and pictures of chocolates from around the world.

We Hope you all enjoy our blog and we would love to here some feedback.

bon appetit

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The word of the day is…Cancer?

Hello people, first and for most I would like to start this post off with a great quote by John Q. Tullius

“Nine out of Ten people like Chocolate, the tenth person always lies”

So as we know it a high majority of people in the world love chocolate. To most people Chocolate is there “guilty pleasure” and as it should be. Today I will help in getting rid of the guilty part of that pleasure and give you chocolate lovers another great excuse to enjoy your favorite chocolates. I was reading a couple articles online and stumbled upon an article written by , a local Houston cancer examiner, about the role of coco in the prevention on Cancer.

Oxidative stress is what happens when your body cannot deal with the load of toxins (free radicals) it has or repair the damage caused by those toxins. A chemical in cocoa, polyphenol, helps to rid your body of these free radicals and return it to a healthy state. Many medical journals have published studies showing beneficial effects of cocoa on the inhibition of cancer growth as well as its ability to aid in lowering blood pressure and helping to regulate insulin levels.So if you want to indulge in the occasional chocolate treat, go for it! Just remember, dark chocolate (with 65% or more of cocoa) or pure cocoa powder contains more of the all-important polyphenols that play a role in disease prevention.

So not only can you indulge and enjoy your favorite chocolates, now when your buddy tells you to “lay off the Chocolates” you can shove that piece of knowledge down their throats!

bon a petit.


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Hello Chocolate/Dessert Lovers!

Hey everybody,

I am starting off my blog with the cooking of the day.  Today we are making mini raspberry cheesecake bites and red velvet cupcakes.  These raspberry cheesecake bites are a huge hit whenever I do any catering.  These little delicatessens pack a huge punch.  I am seriously drooling just looking at these morsels.
The red velvet cupcakes are extremely moist and just delicious.  How can you go wrong with a simple red velvet cupcake?


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